Augusta Foote Arnold Project



Manipulated micrographs taken for a collaborative project with Amanda Cook and Camilla MacFadyen. I try to identify organisms, and update the descriptions when I find errors.

Cripple Cove Pop 4

Algae and a cluster of invertebrate life -- amphipods, worms, and hydrazoa.

Cripple Cove Amphipod

Very small amphipod. Two exposures. I used the air bubbles to register them.

Cripple Cove Diatom Colony

Melosira sp. Two exposures overlaid to show more detail.

Cripple Cove Crustaceans

Skeleton crabs, and algae. Multiple exposure.

Cripple Cove Pop 5

Skeleton shrimp, diatom, section of seaweed.

Pavillion Beach Pop 2

Unidentified invertebrate, possibly a sponge or a truncate, and seaweed fragment.

Pavillion Beach Pop 6

Human-made fibers, probably from a cigarette filter.

Pavillion Beach Green

Seaweed fragment.

Cripple Cove Tone

Skeleton shrimp and unidentified epiphytic algae.

Cripple Cove Pop 7

Diatoms (pennate diatom at center), seaweed fragments