Augusta Foote Arnold Project

Manipulated micrographs taken for a collaborative project with Amanda Cook and Camilla MacFadyen


Armature Andy made my daywith honest storiesof his fake-believe thingsThere’s so much pressurepeals of PiccadillyDrastic idiosyncratic impish, ugly one-offs spritely mortise worlds undone rested, fortold word paste moorings dressing-wounds working on slow fortitude atop my forlorn internal cairns I haven’t spent too many nights with my back against terror but to some not being available is abhorrent it’s worse in a way Practice misspellings. Place your... talking to myself... thoughts well, Trace your actions to Folly Cove where the bluefish and the horseshoe crabs commingle. The mol…


Trump Love Hate

Twitter bot that prints live tweets that contain "Trump love" or "Trump hate"

Five of Five

sea gulls ride thermalssun off windshields blinds my eyesice cream drips on my hand